Our special face masks for children

Children need protective masks too. Because children with a coronavirus infection often are symptom-free, they can unknowingly spread the virus, for example in school. Or they can infect their grandparents, many of whom fall in a high-risk category because of their age. For this reason, we also offer our 3-layer, comfortable and highly breathable masks in a children’s size. These masks are soft and skin-friendly and they efficiently isolate bacteria.

Face masks for children

The children’s masks are held in place by two elastic ear bands. These soft masks are very comfortable and won’t bother your children when they’re playing or out on the school playground.

Before putting on a mask, clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water or a suitable hand sanitiser. Follow the instructions when putting the mask on:
Adjust it to fully cover your mouth and nose, with no gaps between your face and the mask.

Warning: Infants and toddlers should never wear protective masks due to the risk of suffocation.

Our masks are available immediately, low-priced and designed for single-use only. No boiling, no treating in a microwave or oven – using our masks couldn’t be easier or more hygienic.

Masks should be used by one child only and not shared!

At a glance:
• Face mask for children complies with European standards
• Subject to strict quality controls
• Very high particulate filtration
• Filtration efficiency greater than 99%
• Protects others against airborne transmission of infections; also protects the wearer to a limited extent
• Reduces the risk of infection
• Protects people with weakened immune systems
• For single-use only
• Material: skin-friendly, three-layer filter material, non-woven fabric, ultra-thin and soft fibres
• Very comfortable to wear
• Soft elastic ear bands, prevent skin irritation
• For use by one child only
• Colour: White