Our face masks (mouth-and-nose coverings)

The face mask commonly worn by a dentist, for example, consists of a three-layer filter material, medical non-woven fabric and ultra-thin, soft fibres. In inspecting the quality of our skin-friendly face masks, we primarily test how efficiently they retain infectious agents that are exhaled in our breath. Our face masks are worn to protect the people around you. But they also protect you from infection to an extent. For this purpose, a mask should be worn snugly over your mouth and nose.

Face masks

Two elastic loops around your ears hold our face masks in place. A flexible nose clip ensures a secure and comfortable fit. It prevents any flow of breath in the nasal region. Three-dimensional pleats are provided to facilitate ease of breathing.

To be fully effective, protective masks must be worn correctly. Before putting on a mask, clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water or a hand sanitiser. Follow the instructions when putting the mask on: Adjust it to fully cover your mouth and nose, with no gaps between your face and the mask.

When taking off a mask, lean forward slightly and pull the mask diagonally down. Preferably in a virus-free area!

Masks should be used by one person only and not shared!

Our masks are available immediately, low-priced and designed for single-use only. No boiling, no treating in a microwave or oven – using our masks couldn’t be easier or more hygienic.

At a glance:
• Face mask complies with European standard EN 14683:2019
• Subject to strict quality controls
• Very high particulate filtration
• Filtration efficiency greater than 98%
• Protects others against airborne transmission of infections; also protects the wearer to a limited extent
• Reduces the risk of infection
• Protects people with weakened immune systems
• For single-use only
• Material: skin-friendly, three-layer filter material, non-woven fabric, ultra-thin and soft fibres
• Very comfortable to wear
• Three-dimensional pleats for ease of breathing
• Soft elastic ear loops, prevent skin irritation
• One size, fits nearly any face
• For use by one person only
• Colour: Blue