Check your product from the Hygisun brand with the LOT Secure Guard

We want to protect you from fake and lack of quantity

Since more and more products are counterfeited and these are then not produced with the same quality standards, we as Hygisun want to offer our customers a solution to this problem.

With the LOT Checker shown below, you can easily check your goods for quality and authenticity from the comfort of your home or office.

In each of our goods you will find a Qualified Certificate insert in the box.
A LOT number is lasered on the above-mentioned insert, which you can enter and check below in the Lot Checker.

If your entered LOT number delivers a result, it is an original product of the Hygisun brand, whose quality features can then be downloaded as a PDF and checked.

You can check all FFP2 and FFP3 products of the Hygisun brand in the LOT Secure Guard.

LOT Secure Guard

Please enter your LOT number here (e.g. “202001803-01-01A”)
(It is only possible to test FFP2 and FFP3 products that were produced after October 1st, 2020)