Our FFP2 particle-filtering half masks

We supply our tightly fitting FFP2 masks (filtering facepieces) in our role as a competent business partner to the nursing and healthcare sector. The protective characteristics of FFP masks for the wearer are tested to DIN EN 149. Thanks to their high-level protective function, they are also worn in the food, wood, construction and building renovation industries.

FFP2 (particle-filtering half masks)

FFP2 masks are available with and without an exhalation valve. Masks that feature a valve will filter only inhaled air and therefore are not suitable for protecting others. We decided in favour of masks without a valve, because they filter both inhaled and exhaled air. They protect wearers as well as those in their surroundings. Our FFP2 masks offer reliable respiratory protection in medical settings where healthcare staff are exposed to airborne particulates, nonvolatile liquid particles and bioaerosols. They also filter minute particles and aerosols from the air, reliably protecting the wearer against viruses. These masks additionally reduce the risk that medical personnel might transmit infectious agents to patients.

The filtration efficiency of respirator masks (FFP masks) depends on the safety classification. A distinction is made between three quality classes: FFP1 masks filter at least 80%, FFP2 masks at least 94% and FFP3 masks at least 99% of a test aerosol. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Robert Koch Institute recommend at least class 2 for the medical field. Our masks are FFP2 masks. However, they achieve a filtration efficiency of 95% (compared to many masks from other manufacturers which have a filtration efficiency of only 94%), because they are tested to EU standards (CE certified). Before putting on a mask, clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water or a suitable hand sanitiser. Follow the instructions when putting the mask on: Adjust it to fully cover your mouth and nose, with no gaps between your face and the mask.

A tip from us:

You can use aerosols from a saccharin solution to check that your FFP2 mask is adjusted correctly. If you can taste the sweet saccharin, you haven’t put your FFP mask on the right way.

At a glance:

  • Respirator mask to FFP2 standards
  • Very high particulate filtration
  • Filtration efficiency greater than 95%
  • Protects the wearer and others from airborne transmission of infections
  • Reduces the risk of infection
  • For single-use only
  • Material: skin-friendly non-woven fabric, cotton, elastic
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Soft elastic ear bands, prevent skin irritation
  • Nose clip for a tighter fit
  • One size, fits nearly any face
  • Disposable mask for use on a single shift or for eight hours
  • Protects employees in the food, wood, construction and building renovation industries
  • For use by one person only
  • Colour: White
  • CE from BSI

Comfortable to wear

The mask’s elastic bands hold it securely in place. A clip above the nose provides for a more snug fit. The elastic bands are soft and prevent skin irritations. The soft material facilitates a proper fit. Wearing the mask does not cause fatigue. This is an important aspect when medical staff have to wear masks for an entire shift or eight hours. The masks are of universal size and fit nearly any face. Our FFP2 masks are disposable and protect the wearer for a single shift, i.e. for at least eight hours. The masks should be used during this time by one person only and not shared!

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